Biomimicry Global Design Challenge Ideation

S.C.R.U.b. = Sanitize, Coalesce & Restore Urban balance.

This is really rough, but stems from a week long working group with my teammates.

We're entering the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge!

Group Idea: "Building concept that captures, purifies and recycles water."

Individual Focus: Mechanical, Structural, & Architectural solutions & schema, at single-family & urban scale. Also looking at modes of connectivity.

Possible Thematic Strategies

Mechanical: biomimetic waterproofing of structural skins, porosity studies, exploring porous materials vs. waterproof/water resistant materials. Concepts: Lignin, butterfly wings, basalt.

Architectural: Materials that are waterlike, feel like water, remind us of water (glazing / windows / light), studies in visibility & view typologies, exploring qualities of transparency, movement / flow / circulation, & cyclical vs. linear movement. Concepts: 

Structural: biomimetic structures - bone-like, strong but porous. Breakable yet repairable. Breathable structures. Biomimetic structures eye candy. Concepts: Honeycomb, fractal, 

Organization: Nesting, networks. Concepts: Tributaries, ocular blood vessels.

Scalability: Fractals. Concepts: Snowflake - Koch curve.

Movement: Swarming. (Like breathing - cyclical.) Barnacles.

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