Anger is a powerful emotion, it can be an intense source of energy, and it can even be used to fuel good. However, it's a place one should visit, not live in. When anger becomes the house you live in, you can quickly begin to harm yourself, those you care about, and even strangers.

When processing new information, or entertaining ideas different from our own, we can either be mature or childish. The mature activist listens, reasons, seeks to understand, and looks for common ground to create and maintain dialogue. The childish activist quarrels, nitpicks, criticizes, divides, and forces his or her beliefs onto others with self-righteousness and zeal. This is extreme. The extremist is unwavering and judgmental. The extremist is not persuasive or effective.

Have you found yourself frustrated, misunderstood and/or isolated? Have you found yourself unable to respect or value people with beliefs different from yours? You could be living in angry house that you built for yourself while you were hurting. If that's you, simply leave that house, find someone to embrace, and continue to look for creative solutions to life's opportunities. We're better together. And remember, you're not done working until you're dead, so get to it!